Certification AS 9100 rév. D et ISO 9001:2015

Conception, fabrication et assemblage de pièces en matériaux composites intégrées
Aircraft interiors
FDC COMPOSITES INC. is Certified under AS 9100 revision C and ISO 9001:2008 for the design, manufacturing and assembly of integrated composite parts for the transportation (Aerospace and rail) and for other related composite industries.
Added Benefits
  • Installed in aircraft since 2009;
  • The result of 10 years of R&D;
  • Supported by our full engineering services;
  • Business or Commercial: FAR 25.853 {14CFR25.853(a) App. F(a)(1)(I)} (60 seconds vertical test);
  • Includies OSU 65/65 heat release requirement;
  • Standard shapes or designed to specifications;
  • Typical panel construction: 2-Core-2 fiberglass configuration, made with foam core, fiberglass facing and fire retardant resin systems. 5-axis CNC machining available.
Product brochure
Benefits Advanced Foam composite sandwich Paneling solution VS Honeycomb Sandwich Panels
Superior Surface Finish

A very flexible foam is used as core material. This translates into an overall better surface finish compared to traditional honeycomb sandwich panels.

Less Finishing Work

Unlike honeycomb core panels, our foam panels do not require any edge filling after trimming and cutting, meaning less finishing work and more savings. Simply cut the panels and they are ready to use.

Easier Installation & Moisture Resistance

Our unique foam composite solution enables us to manufacture panels which are stiff but flexible enough to easily be installed. Therefore, less time is required for fitting work. The closed cell foam core material make the panels resistant to moisture.

Easily Moldable to Custom Shapes

Using made-to-order tooling, our foam composite panels can be custom manufactured to match the required shapes.

Great Acoustical Properties

Compared to traditional honeycomb prepreg sandwich panels, our foam panels use a closed cell foam. This gives our panel greater acoustic properties which translate into quieter interiors, without added weight.

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